Tonight was our last Circles before the holidays, and I got dangerously weepy-eyed on my way home.  It then occurred to me that I should capture a little about what this group has meant to me as I haven’t really shared a lot about it.  Or rather that I haven’t exactly been able to articulate it very well up to now, but this is as good a time as any.

The basic objective was to build intentional friendships thereby increasing people’s social capital.  I never said it out loud, but I was a little skeptical whether this was possible.  I pride myself in being genuine, and how genuine is putting twenty people in a room and saying, “Be friends!”?  I was very nervous. What if I didn’t like them?  What if they didn’t like me?  Then I remembered that I had been cut out of the interview process at work because I loved everyone.  I’m not even exaggerating.  If it was up to me, I’d hire every single candidate on the spot.  I don’t think it’s the worst flaw to see the good in everyone, but it does make it hard to narrow the selection to one person for the job.   So maybe this friend-making gig wouldn’t really be all that difficult.

It’s been six months since our first Circles dinner, and I can honestly say that I love every single one of my new friends.  A real shocker.  I am going to miss them badly over the holidays.  I look forward to our Tuesday nights filled with food, camaraderie and learning. There is never any drama – just a room full of respect, gratitude, caring, and connecting.   It’s people catching up over the last week’s activities, sharing the positives, looking for solutions to the barriers, growing together, and celebrating the successes – big and small.  The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.  Dinner is provided by teams of volunteers allowing us to simply be in each other’s company.  People flow from one table to another, conversations are easy and cover everything and anything.  Children run around and act silly – there’s a stage that begs them to give speeches and perform.  And they nearly always find the microphone.  It just feels good to be there.  I can’t describe it any other way.

And today was no different.  At the end of our two hours, everyone came together to put away the tables and chairs, and people with cars made sure those without cars had rides home, but this time season greetings and hugs were exchanged, and with our hearts full, we made our ways home.

It’s natural to ask if this is all making a difference.  Are people getting ahead?  I’d say without a doubt.  And we’re all richer for it.

I don’t think it’s happenstance that I noted a few years ago that to ensure people treat people better, people would have to care about each other.  I’m going to do my very best ON TOP of my very best to help everyone in our Circles succeed because I am invested in them and adore them.  They have been added to my ever-growing list of people I consider to be family.  Looks to me that I’ve come full circle.

2 Responses to “circles”
  1. Elleyarn says:

    Hi Corazenia,

    It is great to hear about your experience of Circles :-). I work at Goodwill Career Centre in London. While we hear some information from colleagues about Getting Ahead and Circles, I appreciate hearing how it has been for you. As a member of the London community, it means a lot to me that people like yourself contribute the way you do. Thanks 🙂



    • corazenia says:

      That is so neat that we have friends in common! 🙂 What a small world! I’ve volunteered with many great organizations in London over the years, but Circles has my heart. It honestly doesn’t even feel like volunteering. I get to hang out with my friends every Tuesday – it’s that simple. 🙂


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