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There’s lots to catch up on.  I’m running in a nomination contest for the upcoming federal election.  That’s right.  If you’re shocked, imagine me!   I went from waffling over what to knit next to planning a political campaign.  I’m excited, and a little overwhelmed – it’s been a huge learning curve.

So bear with me as I navigate the next little while.   Fortunately I had the foresight to sign up for this online January retreat – Hibernate – and it’s been an excellent distraction and a grounding force for this sudden endeavor into politics.  I’ve been introduced to the world of sprouting seeds, and admittedly, I’ve become obsessed with my jar of alfalfa.  I wonder if it’s possible to squeeze the art of growing alfalfa sprouts into my curriculum vitae.   Yes?  No?

Alas we are also a week away from our Coldest Night of the Year walk, and The Homeless Avengers are raising money again for Mission Services.  The girls start asking me about it each year as soon as the temperature drops and snowflakes fall.  I am happy for the company, and it reaffirms that I’ve done some good at this parenting gig.  Because they get it.  They are aware that there are people falling in the cracks – not because they’re lazy and definitely not because they choose it.  No one chooses to be left behind.  Every single one of us wants a safe, warm place to call home.



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