family day

IMG_8534 IMG_8538 IMG_8544 IMG_8551

One was working, one was sleeping, and the littlest was hanging out with a friend.  That was okay, because there was vacuuming to be done, cake to bake, a preschooler baby genius to visit, and laundry. It was a catch-up kind of day.


  • I made this tomato sauce, and it’s going into my weekly rotation.  It’s simple and super classy, and best of all, it’s delicious.
  • This song is getting plenty of play around these parts.  It’s bordering on obsession.
  • I’ve started a list of what I need to bring to the wellness & wilderness retreat in June.  The more, the merrier if you’d like to bring yourselves along too.  I went last year with my mum, and we had a whole cabin to ourselves, the food was prepared by a chef, we hiked, swam, meditated, painted, read, rested in the sun, canoed, ate, slept, laughed, and we returned home exhausted and refreshed.  I immediately promised myself I’d go back every year.


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