christmas in june

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Every Christmas I ask my parents to spend an ENTIRE DAY with me – we hike, visit wineries, picnic, and do tourist-y stuff. Today was no different – we hit a bakery, then popped into Vineland to sample some Rieslings (and bought a couple of cases), drove to the south terminus of the Bruce Trail in Queenston Heights where we picnic’d, then we hiked for an hour and a half, found the cairn, took some selfies, drove to the falls, walked around, ate at a fancy Italian resto, and drove the long way home. As always, I loved EVERY minute of it.

I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is exactly that makes these Christmas road trips so magical.  Maybe it’s the delicious egg salad sandwiches that my mum always makes us, maybe it’s taking the back roads, or maybe it’s just that we have no other place to be than with each other.  All I know is that the teenager and her dad use up their precious vacation days to join us, and no one asks about where we are going.  It’s just well known that fun will be had, and you don’t want to miss out.

I see that we now have a date for the next federal election.  October 19 is going to be upon us quicker than we think.  Do you know who is running in your riding?  Is there a candidate that you’d like to see win?  Have you ever thought of joining a campaign team?  I’ve worked on political campaigns in the past, and this time is no different – in fact, I signed up months ago.  If you’ve never been a part of a campaign, here’s what you need to know – it’s surprisingly fun, you will make new friends, you will learn lots, and you will make a difference.  There are lots of ways to support a campaign including – giving your time and skills as a volunteer, putting a sign on your front lawn, donating money (it costs a lot to run a winning campaign!), and spreading the word.  FACT: Candidates can not win by themselves.  They need you!



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