swiss family robinson

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This month’s Mother-Daughter Book Club was out at the farm again. The piglets trickled out of the big barn to say hello.   I love them so much – if I could have pocketed one, I would have.  All I had to do to suppress that hankering was to look over at the hog pen.  The hog was giant.  I’m pretty sure it could have killed me.  So the piglets stayed put.

Once we had our fill of piglets and calves, we settled ourselves around the campfire that the girls started – like pros.  Then we got right into analyzing the Swiss Family Robinson.  There was the argument that just because something is classified as a classic, doesn’t mean it’s good.  This book was a lot of killing and building with zero plot.  Also – it was the first book we had read together without a strong female heroine. The girls found this more disturbing than the killing.  Note that there are many versions and translations of this story, so it turned out that a few of us had read different stories which made the discussion so very interesting and challenging.  Regardless, it was the longest and deepest book club discussion, we’ve possibly had in two years.  Don’t get us started on the whole natives being referred to as savages.  I guess the good part of all of this is that as a society, we are clearly more progressive and less ignorant than our ancestors.  Or at least this circle of mothers and daughters is.

And if there had been a competition for best mum, I think Mary Beth would have won because she made marshmallows from scratch using TWO CUPS OF MAPLE SYRUP.  That’s gold in my books. And if that wasn’t enough, instead of graham cracker smores, she cut thin slices of granny smith apples, smeared some almond butter on the slices, and sandwiched the roasted maple syrup marshmallow (with some slivers of dark chocolate) between two of the apple slices.  Simply wonderful.  I brought a bag of popcorn and a bag of twizzlers.  So there was that.



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