To celebrate Ella finishing her first year of university and staying out of debt while saving up enough money to pay off the next two years of tuition (Who’s kid is this???), I gave her two tickets to see Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.  I thought she would want to take a friend, and honestly that’s what I suggested, but she went and asked me.  I didn’t even have to pull out my sad puppy eyes.  And of course I said yes.  It was hands down the bestest show I’ve seen – it even beat Hawksley Workman, and if you’ve ever seen Hawksley in concert, you have a good idea what I’m talkin’ about!  We were so over-the-moon happy and wide awake that even though it didn’t end until almost midnight (on a weeknight gasp!), we walked home rather than cab or bus it because when you have to pee, you need to keep moving.  Best parts?  The wristbands, janglin‘, the beers, the skunk, the deer, home, the white blazer, the paper airplanes, man on fire, the butt crack guy, 40 day dream, the random little kid, better days . . .

So That’s what’s up.


Smudge note courtesy of Lefty Smudges. Get your own.



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