Today I solved a problem that has been plaguing me for months.  I subscribe to This American Life.  I love it. Every night I tuck myself in bed, turn off the light, and start an episode.  Within ten minutes, I’m passed out – sawing logs. I can not stay awake.  It’s nothing against the podcast. … Continue reading


This week found another bedroom stripped of brightly-coloured paint.  The white is a nice change from the 10 years of “wordpress blue”.  I could not persuade the oldest to de-colour her bedsheets, comforter and assorted blankets.  The mish-mash of patterns and spectrums look oddly in place and have slightly grown on me.  We still need to … Continue reading


This summer we were childless for the first time in almost 20 years.  So we did what any normal couple does when their kids are out of town for six days.  We completely emptied the littlest’s room, and we cleaned, painted, sorted, trashed, organized, fixed, and then prettied it back up for her return.  We finished … Continue reading


Over the (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend, we had a rare day in which the four of us were together to share a meal and and enjoy each other’s company. Originally we planned a full pajama-turkey-eating day, but it was too beautiful outside to stay inside in our pajamas.  Once the turkey was cooked and the bread … Continue reading