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This summer we were childless for the first time in almost 20 years.  So we did what any normal couple does when their kids are out of town for six days.  We completely emptied the littlest’s room, and we cleaned, painted, sorted, trashed, organized, fixed, and then prettied it back up for her return.  We finished a whole day ahead of schedule, so we joined my parents at a local food festival held in an old restored train station and ate and drank a lot.  It was the perfect ending to our adults-only week.

When the littlest saw her room for the first time, she was in complete shock.  It looked nothing like how she left it.  It had been painted the brightest richest raspberry red-pink colour for the entire time we’ve lived in this house – ten years!  We loved it at the beginning, but it had become too much.  It made her room so dark, and this kid is an artist – she needs light to work her magic.  So white it was – Behr’s Pure White in fact.  And then I got carried away with making everything else white. Her bookshelf and dresser were already white thrift finds from years ago, but the laundry basket was a horrible country blue, so spray paint took care of that beast, and I made the white duvet cover out of two different very cheap white bedsheets – it’s basically a large pillow case for the duvet ’cause that’s how I do things.  I need to look for some pretty white curtains but until then, I am making do with the sheer panel that we already had kicking around.

The only negative to creating this beautiful space is that the oldest now wants a bedroom re-do now.  Simplicity is catching.

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