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Today I solved a problem that has been plaguing me for months.  I subscribe to This American Life.  I love it. Every night I tuck myself in bed, turn off the light, and start an episode.  Within ten minutes, I’m passed out – sawing logs. I can not stay awake.  It’s nothing against the podcast.  I was convinced that there was no other time to listen and enjoy the show.  It wasn’t until I found myself cleaning out the fridge as I do most weekends that it occurred to me that this arduous task could be made more pleasant if I was being entertained.  Music came to mind first, but then I remembered all of the unfinished podcasts.  I quickly queued up This American Life, and in the time it took to listen to one and a half episodes, I had baked a loaf of bread, a pie pumpkin, and a dozen muffins; cooked up a pot of soup and roasted beets; threw together a pasta salad; seeded two pomegranates, and chopped up enough celery and carrots for a week of snacks.  It felt good to have several days’ worth of meals prepared and save so much produce from going to waste.  With the house smelling delicious, it needed some prettying up, so I popped into the side garden and cut some branches for an old pasta sauce jar.

Tomorrow I will have to deal with the three brown bananas on the counter.  That is unless by some miracle, the kids eat them.

One Response to “home-making”
  1. Fran says:

    Great ideas!


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