So grateful for two weeks of my people and lots of quiet.  I like this.  I needed it.  While knitting my Still Light, I have watched all of Master of None, The Bridge, and Narcos.  I am currently on the second season of Fargo, and it’s starting to look like the dress it is supposed to be.  My new favourite song is King and Cross.  That’s basically it.  I have literally done nothing else.  It’s also worth noting that I’m obsessed with all things red + black buffalo check – it’s part of my log cabin/fireplace/snowshoe/sheepskin branding I’m going for these grey, cool, dark days of winter and fall.  The boat/nautical/stripes/anchors thing is really only good for sunny weather and long days of spring and summer. Consider yourself caught up.

2 Responses to “festivities”
  1. Debbie says:

    I KNEW Still Light was in my favourites. I’m ashamed of all the cheese I’ve eaten but am happy and blissed out. And I just found a panda bear in my chip – wait for the Instagram. I’m glad you had a nice holiday. ❤


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