I’ve been using up all the scraps of wool left from completed projects to knit up colourful accessories – mittens, hats, cowls . . . My one knitting goal this year is to knit a blanket for my parents with a deadline of Christmas.  It figures that I’ve been procrastinating.  I spent hours and days … Continue reading


These pictures were taken at Halloween. I’m only 4 months late.  Sue me.  This kid LOVES Halloween and trick-or-treating. I don’t get it.  She doesn’t even enjoy candy much.  Most of her loot sits in a bowl on top of the fridge for months until I trash it.  This year she wanted to dress up … Continue reading

wood slices

I picked up these wood slices from The Been Garden in Old East Village.  They make my heart sing with their simplicity and natural beauty.   Apparently we own a chainsaw, and we have a crew coming to trim some trees in the backyard, so I feel that it is imperative that I slice some branches … Continue reading


We are deep in research mode.  Food, music, language, housing, lifestyle, transportation, packing, student visas, sandals . . .  Ella is off to study abroad in September, and there is so much to do.  I wish there was a way to visit her for nine months.  I would just toot around on a bicyclette, stroll … Continue reading