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These pictures were taken at Halloween. I’m only 4 months late.  Sue me.  This kid LOVES Halloween and trick-or-treating. I don’t get it.  She doesn’t even enjoy candy much.  Most of her loot sits in a bowl on top of the fridge for months until I trash it.  This year she wanted to dress up as Alice in Wonderland, so we whipped this up using this apron tutorial that the Bee found, an old blue dress and black ballerina flats from my closet, a pair of dollar store socks and black plastic flowers. Glue gun to the rescue!  This might be my favourite of all her costumes to date. I wonder if this was her last year of trick-or-treating.   Next October she will be in highschool.  Maybe it’s just Halloween parties from here on in.  She’s going to be disappointed.



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