Ella had a few days free of exams and work, so I planned a short mid-week train trip to  ogle exotic sea creatures and soak up some art and culture with my girls.  Thanks to airbnb, I found a sweet lake-side condo on the 50th floor, and we braved that elevator many times like bosses.  We watched an entire season of Legend of Korra on netflix, caught up with my best friend from highschool, ate giant burritos from chipotle, and declared everything “sugoi” or “not sugoi”.  On our second day in Toronto, we walked to Queen’s Park for Question Period.  Our Member of Provincial Parliament who I also consider a dear friend had arranged for us to sit in the Members’ Gallery, and we joined her in the Parliamentary Dining Room afterwards for lunch.  She laughed when I asked her how often she had constituents visit her at Queen’s Park. Apparently there is no rush of people using up their vacation to catch democracy in action.  I’m telling you now that this is a thing you can do.

On the train ride home, we truly worried that Josh had eaten all of the ice cream in our absence, but it turns out that without us digging into the freezer every five minutes, he forgot that he had it all to himself.

It’s very rare that I get so much one-on-one time with the girls, and it was a real gift.  It made me realize that I need to steal them away more often.  My girls are awesome. They make me laugh, and they get me like no one in the world does.  Note to self: Add lady dateys to long list of self-imposed annual traditions.

Since returning home, I have binge-watched Transparent and enjoyed every minute of it. And my new favourite song is Waiting.  And I’m planning a day trip to Detroit this summer.  Because I feel like that’s where it’s at, and it’s an easy 2-hour car drive.  It’s probably going to be awesome.  Think Heidelberg, Belle Isle, the Art Institute, jazz, THE PEOPLE MOVER, museums, food . . .

What cool stuff is everyone else getting up to?



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