Celebrating December VI


December has got to be my favourite month of the year, and I wish time would go slower so it would all last longer – the music, the lights, the food, the gatherings, the making, the coziness, the togetherness . . . That being said, I equally resent the obligatory gifts, the jam-packed scheduling, all the travelling, and getting fancied up. I dream of sweatpants, flannel shirts, old wool sweaters, candlelight, garlands of dried orange slices, pots of soup, hot cider, paperwhites, pomanders, steamed milk, molasses crinkles, snow balls, hiking in the woods, knitting mittens, board games, campfires . . .  My intention for December is to carve more time for the things I enjoy and then protect it like nobody’s business.

I signed up for an online Slow the Season workshop, and I just filled out my handmade gifting planner, and although it’s full, it’s not too overwhelming. I have several handmade gift ideas that shouldn’t take long to put together. The most time-consuming items are two scarves that should each take maximum one week of sporadic knitting. Some of my other handmade items are also consumables!

Here are more of my handmade gift ideas:

  • a mug filled with a lemon + ginger root + small jar of honey
  • a paperwhite bulb forced in a wide-mouthed mason jar filled with stones (I have already started 3!)
  • homemade liquid laundry detergent in a recycled jug
  • a tin of molasses ginger crinkle cookies
  • hand-knit wool mittens (I have been knitting them all year, so they simply need to be wrapped!)
  • the Bee’s paintings matted in frames
  • my favourite photographs matted in frames
  • embroidered ornaments

In the meantime, we have attended a Christmas concert, had family over for dinner, visited other family members, lunched in the woods with friends, decorated the house, hung up a zillion strands of lights, and rescheduled winter solstice to Christmas Eve when the three of us are all home.

Happy Solstice to all those who are celebrating it today.  Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for a home.  xoxo



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