The Boring Stuff:  My name is Nadine Reeves, and I live in London, Ontario.  Life is good.

All words and pictures are my own.

3 Responses to “Me”
  1. Debbie says:

    Gorgeous lady. Other than the Kardashian bit (I still don’t know who they are…but have heard that name) your life could be my life. Or…your dreams could be my dreams. But you already know that. xo

  2. Chesley says:

    I have found YOU in a desperate mission to accomplish an EZ snail hat for Christmas for my sister. I go beautifully until the decreasing part then all is lost.
    I have corrected opinionated knitter
    I have done mock ups
    Please give me your insight-
    Is p2 tog twice knitting 4 stitches to two?
    Or 3 stitches? i.e. P2 tog then p another stitch into merged stitches?
    I have knitted for years but have snail hat disability!
    Many thanks and best for merry holidays!


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