Still here.   The Bee and I hit up some sketching in the gallery at Museum London, and I realized how rusty my drawing skills have become.   I think I’ll stick to knitting. Advertisements

simple giving + celebrating

I nearly forgot to share all the handmade goodness that we gave and received at Christmas. The Bee gave lots of art, and her shopping all took place at a little fundraising second-hand sale at school.  She couldn’t have spent more than $6. The teen made funny and heart-warming cards written with love for everyone. … Continue reading

nuit blanche encore

I could write so much about how wonderful nuit blanche was once again, but I will let the pictures tell you.  I’d be hard pressed to pick just one favourite part – there were so many.  Audio Forge in front of Bud Gardens, dancing on the lawn of Museum London, Art Fusion at the end … Continue reading

Caring Between the Lines

I finally made my way down to The Arts Project to take in the Caring Between the Lines exhibit which ends Saturday.   I coloured a little bit on practically every piece.  It’s awesome.  Here’s what my photograph looked like before the colouring began.   So neat!  I’m truly honoured to have been a part of this … Continue reading

nuit blanche

Last night the Bee and I ventured downtown after dark for nuit blanche, and it did not disappoint.   We started at Museum London, and art was made, cheese and fruit was enjoyed, music was heard, friends were greeted, exhibits were admired, and half a glass of wine was sipped back.   Then we hit the street … Continue reading


What have we learned from this exercise? We go through a lot of toilet paper. At some point, we got so bored that we started to play with our toilet paper tubes. I spend probably too much time on pinterest. We would  make good toy maker pioneers. It is not easy to draw on a … Continue reading

gathering threads

Oh my!   This was so much fun!   And I enhanced my yarn stash.   Enough said.