simple giving + celebrating

I nearly forgot to share all the handmade goodness that we gave and received at Christmas. The Bee gave lots of art, and her shopping all took place at a little fundraising second-hand sale at school.  She couldn’t have spent more than $6. The teen made funny and heart-warming cards written with love for everyone. … Continue reading


Our Christmas Day was filled to the brim with family, the best food and good times.   I’m continually amazed by how fortunate are.  I’d like to think that we do not take it for granted.  The littlest was not feeling well this week, but I was comforted by the fact that we had pain relief … Continue reading


Gingerbread house decorated – CHECK. Christmas is only five days away!  Eek!!


With only nine days remaining before Christmas, we decorated the tree.   New this year are a couple of giraffes, a couple of elephants and some cake slices adorning the tree.   We’ve doubled the lights which has been an issue the last few years as Josh and the girls’ choice of tree has increasingly got larger – … Continue reading


I decided to partake in my first cookie exchange.  I chose a cookie that has never failed me.  The snowball.   Simple and sweet.   Just butter, icing sugar, cornstarch, flour, salt and vanilla extract.  I’m just sad that we are giving them away.  Snowballs, we will miss you.  Knowing that this would happen, I stocked up on butter.

celebrating december

On the last day of November, we kicked off December.  For weeks, Debbie and I have been planning our day in the woods at Sloans Christmas Tree Village – you may remember last year’s trip in the woods documented here.  Debbie had the dijon mustard covered, the Christmas tunes, and a big pot of chili while I had … Continue reading


See 2010 highlights here. My goals for 2011 were lofty to say the least.   I was going to be more caring and in turn build a community that cares.   If we are to ever end poverty,  we have to start by giving a poop about others.   I was going to be engaged.  I was going … Continue reading