nuit blanche encore

I could write so much about how wonderful nuit blanche was once again, but I will let the pictures tell you.  I’d be hard pressed to pick just one favourite part – there were so many.  Audio Forge in front of Bud Gardens, dancing on the lawn of Museum London, Art Fusion at the end … Continue reading


What have we learned from this exercise? We go through a lot of toilet paper. At some point, we got so bored that we started to play with our toilet paper tubes. I spend probably too much time on pinterest. We would  make good toy maker pioneers. It is not easy to draw on a … Continue reading


I had looked online to see when the holiday issue would be on newsstands.   I counted the days down.   I spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing over everything that could go wrong.   That’s my nature.   I spent Monday watching the clock until  I could drive around town looking for the magazine.    I could not … Continue reading

les libellules

Our first time crafting with wire brought on much laughter and tears.  Those wires are sharp!!   And although the directions ( ) were written comprehensively, we all had different interpretations, but we prefer to call them design modifications.  Consider these bad boys ‘prototypes’.   I think we know what we’re doing now.