night light

Today was a cleaning-errands-fixing-baking-library-chocolate zucchini muffin day.  Floors were washed, broken door knobs were replaced, a sweater was cast off, a coupon was redeemed, books were borrowed, soup was cooked, homework was completed, a closet was purged . . .  It was perfectly productive for a plan-free day.  Tomorrow holds a few grocery transactions, some dress-making, and a … Continue reading


The Bee has been on a making spree since New Years Day,  and I’ve been an eager assistant.  She’s been tackling challenges on DIY like a pro.  She’s knit a scarf, sewed a bag out of a t-shirt, baked bread and cookies, whipped up hummus, drawn her nyan cat avatar, and completed several Minecraft missions … Continue reading


I’ve been intent on making lotion bars for some time now.   I added a few drops of a citrus-blend essential oil, and I am impressed by how they turned out.   Next  I would like to make a bar like the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar .   I bought one years ago, and it smelled so … Continue reading