We got back from holidays with enough time to get a good night’s sleep, grab breakfast, throw on our rainbow socks and head downtown to catch our one and only most bestest parade.    That was last weekend.  I just went through this album and cried happy tears because it was THAT awesome.   It’s … Continue reading

simple giving + celebrating

I nearly forgot to share all the handmade goodness that we gave and received at Christmas. The Bee gave lots of art, and her shopping all took place at a little fundraising second-hand sale at school.  She couldn’t have spent more than $6. The teen made funny and heart-warming cards written with love for everyone. … Continue reading


Today you turn 11.  I often refer to you as “the littlest”, but you’re not so little anymore.  You are growing into a very independent and wise girl.   And you are still the sweetest and kindest person in the world.  I wonder every day in amazement how we are so lucky to be blessed by … Continue reading

a light in the window

Since taking these pictures, I’ve knitted five rows of four squares and promptly stalled on the edges.   I’m waffling on whether to knit the edge in one colour or continue using a random number of colours.   I need to be in decision-making mode.  Regardless,  I love this blanket.   I love its squishy garter-stitch goodness.  I used … Continue reading


The Bee and I woke up early this morning and headed out to meet friends for a hike in the woods.   The sun was bright and the snow was sparkling.   The snow was so light and dusty.   The colours captured my heart.  We warmed up fast walking up the hill into the trees and catching up … Continue reading


I am blessed with good fortune and friends.  I won the chalkboard placemats from Leslie Friend, and my sweet friend Debbie thoughtfully and lovingly hand-dyed this wool with me in mind – Isaac appropriately called it Orange Diamond Fire Ball.   We had fun writing on the placemats, and the Bee even presented us with an art … Continue reading


The littlest would love most to have a dog, but we run a democratic house, and the majority has ruled out dogs.   It saddens me to not grant her this one wish, but I agree that a dog would be a big responsibility and could be an expensive one at that.   Plus we have a … Continue reading


  All the stuff I’m mucho grateful for this week . . . friends who make me want to be better  – physically, creatively, socially, mentally – are there more ways? love – I probably don’t say it enough, but I am given lots of it, and I hope I give enough in return knitting … Continue reading

neuf ans

The Bumblebee turned 9 with a big bang!  She had a gaggle of her best friends over for a backyard stage party this afternoon, and they brought magic tricks,  silly poems, crazy dance moves, outside voices and large appetites.   Oh dear!   There was karaoke, a few plays, photo props, lots of giggles and applause, and … Continue reading


With a LOT of help from a friend, we started some seedlings, and I can spend hours a day just looking at our new baby plants.  There are flowers, herbs and vegetables mixed in here.   I desperately want to do well by them.   Happy Earth Day.