The Simplicity Circle Project

may 13 2012 wildwood 060

As an idea, simple living suggests that the good life is not to be found in an endless stream of material possessions, social status, or high incomes; the good life arises out of careful and caring involvement with people, places, and the planet. By taking care of what we have, living within limits, and sharing ourselves and our stuff with others, we can live a life of integrity.

As a practice, to simplify is to reduce to essentials, to streamline, and to clarify. People can reduce expenses, improve their quality of life, and reduce their impact on the earth and other people. Actions that lead to a healthier lifestyle often benefit your community as well – for example, biking to work improves your health while reducing air pollution. Simple living is about finding meaningful work – having joy and meaning in our lives. It means to live more directly, more in connection. Voluntary simplicity is about building relationships, not only with loved ones, but with neighbours and neighbourhoods, and with the processes that sustain us – food, air, shelter, water.

A friend shared with me this guide to facilitating a simplicity circle, and I’ve decided to try it out as an online project.  I may have to update some of the material as it was written a decade ago and to make it fit an online platform, but the foundation and the heart of the matter are there.   I am eager to get the discussions started.   If you are interested in joining the circle, please leave me a comment below.


2 Responses to “The Simplicity Circle Project”
  1. Elleyarn says:

    I love this idea – and it is definitely timely because others in our neighbourhood are thinking similarly… helping to motivate and inspire me to live more simply : -)

    • corazenia says:

      I’ve always wanted to get this Simplicity Circle off the ground, but I’ve never managed to get going. The foundation is there. I just need to carve out some time. I’ll keep you posted!


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