• sustain (səˈsteɪn)

    — vb 1. to hold up under; withstand: to sustain great provocation 2. to undergo (an injury, loss, etc); suffer: to sustain a broken arm 3. to maintain or prolong: to sustain a discussion 4. to support physically from below 5. to provide for or give support to, esp by supplying necessities: to sustain one's family ; to sustain a charity 6. to keep up the vitality or courage of 7. to uphold or affirm the justice or validity of: to sustain a decision 8. to establish the truth of; confirm

The Farm

A friend invited me to an afternoon Champagne + Lemonade party at “The Farm”, so I threw on some knickers and a gingham blouse, hopped on my bike, and hit the trail along the Thames.  Ten minutes later, I arrived at her community garden plot and an intimate crowd of friends and family celebrating her first … Continue reading


curtains + blankets

I have no curtains on 3/4 of my windows.  I relented and hung very dark, very heavy curtains on our bedroom’s windows because Josh sleeps during the day when he is working.  If he ever goes back to working days, they will come down.  I love sunlight.  It also helps that our house is surrounded by trees … Continue reading


this day has beaten me

Rainy Sunday Recap: 8 a.m. Josh and I clean up a flood in the basement. Josh takes Ella to work. Josh goes to sleep so he can go to work again tonight. I am on flood patrol all day – seriously – five loads of laundry, empty the dry vac 12 times, frozen lasagna in … Continue reading


christmas in june

Every Christmas I ask my parents to spend an ENTIRE DAY with me – we hike, visit wineries, picnic, and do tourist-y stuff. Today was no different – we hit a bakery, then popped into Vineland to sample some Rieslings (and bought a couple of cases), drove to the south terminus of the Bruce Trail … Continue reading


nuit blanche v.5

Another lovely night full of art, lights, dancing, music, poetry, making, writing, friends, hugs, smiles, laughter, learning, strolling, and showing the love . . . to falling into bed exhausted, but so content.  Oh my, how happy this night makes my heart.  Why must it only be one night a year?


peony time

We have two kinds of pink peonies.  I love everything about them – including their colour, the way they burst open suddenly, and how their sweet fragrance fills the house when I bring them inside.  Makes me wonder why we don’t plant more and call it a day. I’ve been listening to a lot of … Continue reading


camp coaster craft

This year’s camp craft project was a bit glammy.  Taking little chunks of sculpey, you roll each colour into a long tube, then twist all your long tubes together, roll out your twisted tubes until smooth, coil into a circle, and then roll out flat.  Bake following the instructions.  Most importantly, finish the edges with … Continue reading

fb sunrise

cqe – year 2

Another lovely wellness + wilderness weekend at CQE, and I am already planning next year’s retreat in my dreams.  There was hiking, yoga, kayaking, canoeing, sunsets, sunrises, campfires, cheese trays, all the best food on top of the best food, meditation, bird watching, reading, lying on sun-kissed rocks, crafts, laughing – so much laughing, and knitting.


poverty summit

  A glimpse of my notes from a Poverty Reduction Summit. We’re all in this together.  Fundamentally Canada is a caring culture, but it is increasingly uninformed.  We feel sorry about poverty – it is a foreign landscape to most.  The experience doesn’t resonate.  Sympathy is dangerous.  It marginalizes.  We need empathy, not sympathy.  Empathy … Continue reading


thames river clean up

Last weekend, I organized a clean up along the river that flows through our neighbourhood park.  It was so awesome to see so many of my neighbours and friends.  It was all a bit last minute, but it came together beautifully.  I used some social media digital strategy in addition to texting my grassroots neighbourhood connector.  You know the neighbourhood connector.  … Continue reading


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