vingt et un

ella-collage-21-birthday21 years ago, Josh and I became parents to quite possibly the smartest, toughest, coolest, funniest human being on this earth. She is simply amazing. Up until moving to Nice in September, she worked any time she wasn’t at school, and if she was not at school or work, she was studying. Without any loans, she has paid for three years of university tuition PLUS one year of living in the south of France completely by herself. NOTE: Her monthly rent for a studio apartment in Nice is equal to our monthly mortgage payment for a 3-bedroom house in London! And her mind is absolutely brilliant! Once she wrote a deep, insightful ode to our overflowing fridge of food, and I sobbed reading it. Who the heck does that? She is everything we wish we were and more. But what we love most about her is that she’s a Nasty Woman – a confident, poised woman who strikes fear in the heart of man-babies. She really is the BEST! Watch out, world.

Happy Birthday, Ella!

We can’t wait to hug you tight on Saturday.

xoxoxo mum, dad + bee




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