do good

I don’t say it probably enough, but I work for an awesome non-profit organization full of the most compassionate and strong people.   So when one of our community partners initiated a month of kindness project three years ago, we hopped on that wagon without hesitation.   The idea is to challenge our community to do an … Continue reading


I am always bragging about my immune system, so it would only make sense that I catch a sticky  nasty stomache bug.   I lost my appetite.  That’s serious.  Because I eat a lot.  All the time.  I love food.   I’ve been on a saltines and ginger ale diet for seven days.   But today, I was … Continue reading


Didn’t mean to ‘disappear’ there.  Just nothing much new in these parts.   One more month until school begins again.  I’m trying to think of what else we still need to do before the children hit the books.   I seem to keep losing my mental list.   Finish cleaning my craft space – let’s call it a … Continue reading