summer’s here

The girls are finishing up school this week – one is off to university in the fall, and the other is heading off to overnight camp for the first time ever this week.  Big leaps.  They’re ready.  I know this, but it’s still a bit rumbly in my tumbly for me. I’m getting a taste … Continue reading

nuit blanche avec mes amis

  Another fantastically magical nuit blanche came and went.  I think I only asked a million bajillion thirteen twenty eight thousand people if I would see them there.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to pitch it to them when some inevitably asked what it was.   I have to do this because I really do … Continue reading

annual day of fun

Every Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend is my Annual Day of Fun with one of my colleagues, and  fun was had.   It’s just an ol’ diner breakfast, a trip to the farmers’ market for fruit and vegetables, and hitting up a nursery for flowers, but it’s an adventure I look forward to each time … Continue reading

a glimpse of my dream farm

There’s nothing truly better than escaping to the country for a few hours after being cooped up in a windowless office for a week.   I rushed home after work to change into my jeans and  an old gingham blouse, grabbed my pill-y wool cardigan and some rainboots, packed up the littlest and a bag … Continue reading