friends in the forest city

I love my family.  Like I would marry them every day if I could.  I will drop all plans to spend time with them. But there’s something to be said for friends- the ones who choose us and the ones we choose.  I’m confident that I’ve got this friend-making business down to an art.   And it’s … Continue reading

annual day of fun

Every Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend is my Annual Day of Fun with one of my colleagues, and  fun was had.   It’s just an ol’ diner breakfast, a trip to the farmers’ market for fruit and vegetables, and hitting up a nursery for flowers, but it’s an adventure I look forward to each time … Continue reading


The Bee and I woke up early this morning and headed out to meet friends for a hike in the woods.   The sun was bright and the snow was sparkling.   The snow was so light and dusty.   The colours captured my heart.  We warmed up fast walking up the hill into the trees and catching up … Continue reading


I am blessed with good fortune and friends.  I won the chalkboard placemats from Leslie Friend, and my sweet friend Debbie thoughtfully and lovingly hand-dyed this wool with me in mind – Isaac appropriately called it Orange Diamond Fire Ball.   We had fun writing on the placemats, and the Bee even presented us with an art … Continue reading

breakfast with st. nick

Our annual breakfast with St. Nicholas can also be checked off the “celebrating december” list!  This year, some friends came along, and not surprisingly, it was even more fun.  Pancakes and sausages were inhaled, gingerbread men (and ninjas) were decorated, the horse-pulled wagon was ridden around the village, ornaments were coloured, letters were written, and … Continue reading

celebrating december

On the last day of November, we kicked off December.  For weeks, Debbie and I have been planning our day in the woods at Sloans Christmas Tree Village – you may remember last year’s trip in the woods documented here.  Debbie had the dijon mustard covered, the Christmas tunes, and a big pot of chili while I had … Continue reading

trick or treat

Another Halloween has passed, and despite the rain and chill, we managed to have fun and collect lots of treats.  I am getting wise to this holiday.   There is so much more I know now then my first Halloween as a parent 16 years ago. This little one of ours loves the act of trick … Continue reading

in the woods

We took a day off work and school, and we joined good friends on a trip to the woods!   This is sure to be a new tradition as we had so much fun.    We were blessed with beautiful weather – lots of sunshine and clear skies.   Making memories beats spending the month at the shopping … Continue reading


Still here.  We’ve been getting out as much as we can before it snows.   It would seem that we’re all thinking Christmas already, and I suppose it’s really only a month off, but my calendar is filling up quickly making me feel a bit scramble-y.   For instance, the poinsettias we ordered through the littlest’s school … Continue reading


I’ve been intent on making lotion bars for some time now.   I added a few drops of a citrus-blend essential oil, and I am impressed by how they turned out.   Next  I would like to make a bar like the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar .   I bought one years ago, and it smelled so … Continue reading