thames river clean up

trcu 2015 group IMG_8789 IMG_8795 IMG_8806

Last weekend, I organized a clean up along the river that flows through our neighbourhood park.  It was so awesome to see so many of my neighbours and friends.  It was all a bit last minute, but it came together beautifully.  I used some social media digital strategy in addition to texting my grassroots neighbourhood connector.  You know the neighbourhood connector.  That’s your neighbour who knows EVERYONE, and they also happen to throw the best parties.  Within hours of telling my neighbour, people were stopping me in the street telling me how they would bring cookies and more friends.

We were also lucky to be joined by the London West NDP riding association!  They helped spread the word to get more people out AND they handed out handmade orange bandannas.  I’ve been looking for an orange bandanna for hiking trails during hunting season, so I was super happy about getting one.  That orange bandanna may save my life one day.

There’s not much else left to say.  We saw garbage; we picked it up.  We had fun.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We made the river cleaner and healthier and helped keep our park a place we can continue to enjoy for a long time.  I think I’ll organize another one in a few weeks to clean up the playground and park behind our house.  I don’t think anyone will mind.

One Response to “thames river clean up”
  1. Fran says:

    Good for you.


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