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  • sustain (səˈsteɪn)

    — vb 1. to hold up under; withstand: to sustain great provocation 2. to undergo (an injury, loss, etc); suffer: to sustain a broken arm 3. to maintain or prolong: to sustain a discussion 4. to support physically from below 5. to provide for or give support to, esp by supplying necessities: to sustain one's family ; to sustain a charity 6. to keep up the vitality or courage of 7. to uphold or affirm the justice or validity of: to sustain a decision 8. to establish the truth of; confirm
fb rug


Just baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and they’ve passed the all-important taste test by the Bee.  This is good because she can take a dozen on her playdate tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been listening to The Zolas non-stop since the weekend.  I need someone to love them with. This is a short post – I really need … Continue reading


diy club

The Bee and a gaggle of her friends came together to work on the Chemist badge and be silly.  We picked three fairly easy and quick challenges: manufacture a chemical product (bouncy ball) experiment with soap write a secret message I felt like I was really organized.  I sent out very detailed + engaging invitations, bought … Continue reading

millar berry farm

self care

I’ve been thinking a lot about self care lately. You know when there’s something on your mind, and suddenly you see it everywhere?  It’s gotten to that point.  So I wrote a post  about it last week here. This week, I’ve been thinking of the stuff I left out.  Maybe I need to write a … Continue reading


summer’s here

The girls are finishing up school this week – one is off to university in the fall, and the other is heading off to overnight camp for the first time ever this week.  Big leaps.  They’re ready.  I know this, but it’s still a bit rumbly in my tumbly for me. I’m getting a taste … Continue reading


nuit blanche avec mes amis

  Another fantastically magical nuit blanche came and went.  I think I only asked a million bajillion thirteen twenty eight thousand people if I would see them there.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to pitch it to them when some inevitably asked what it was.   I have to do this because I really do … Continue reading


annual day of fun

Every Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend is my Annual Day of Fun with one of my colleagues, and  fun was had.   It’s just an ol’ diner breakfast, a trip to the farmers’ market for fruit and vegetables, and hitting up a nursery for flowers, but it’s an adventure I look forward to each time … Continue reading


a glimpse of my dream farm

There’s nothing truly better than escaping to the country for a few hours after being cooped up in a windowless office for a week.   I rushed home after work to change into my jeans and  an old gingham blouse, grabbed my pill-y wool cardigan and some rainboots, packed up the littlest and a bag … Continue reading



Last weekend we packed a picnic of sandwiches and fruit, and we headed to the pioneer village where it was sure to be quiet and more our speed.   I laid a vintage flowery bedsheet under a big ol’ tree and settled in for the afternoon.  I had my knitting and a book, and the … Continue reading



  I am always, always, always game for a good 1800′s battle re-enactment.  If you’re ever looking for someone to accompany you to an 1800′s battle re-enactment, I’m your person.  I love the soldiers, the wool uniforms, the plumes in their caps, the fields, the band, the white canvas tents, the camp fires, the sideburns, … Continue reading



Still here.   The Bee and I hit up some sketching in the gallery at Museum London, and I realized how rusty my drawing skills have become.   I think I’ll stick to knitting.


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