• sustain (səˈsteɪn)

    — vb 1. to hold up under; withstand: to sustain great provocation 2. to undergo (an injury, loss, etc); suffer: to sustain a broken arm 3. to maintain or prolong: to sustain a discussion 4. to support physically from below 5. to provide for or give support to, esp by supplying necessities: to sustain one's family ; to sustain a charity 6. to keep up the vitality or courage of 7. to uphold or affirm the justice or validity of: to sustain a decision 8. to establish the truth of; confirm

last day of holidays

With a lot of digging around online and driving through the countryside, we managed to hunt down a little piece of the Trans Canada Trail.   I was more excited than you can possibly imagine.  It was literally out in the middle of nowhere, and we drove by it twice before spotting it.  We walked … Continue reading


indoors day

Today we took one look outside, and we decided to stay in.  I had downloaded the audio file of this month’s mother-daughter book club selection, and we curled up in the bedroom with the most beds and blankets and listened to seven chapters while making bracelets with embroidery floss (I kept on knitting!).  We paused … Continue reading


sibbald point provincial park

I’ve decided that I’m going to ask for an Ontario Parks annual pass for Christmas.  I could hit up the Pinery every weekend in the summer, and get more than my money’s worth.  Plus we could also return to Sibbald Point which is beautiful and only an hour north of Toronto.  And I have no doubt … Continue reading


cottage life

I could stay here – indefinitely.  As much as I love my bowl of bran flakes sprinkled with raising every morning in the city, it’s a treat to have eggs and toast and coffee.  The girls could get used to pancakes and maple syrup.  Today we headed over to Sibbald Point Provincial Park for a … Continue reading


fall escape

I was caught hoarding vacation time and subsequently forced to go on a holiday.  So we picked a lake, found a cottage, and got in the car.  The house is chilly, so we have a fire going in the woodstove to warm us up.  I never want to leave.



     The best part of being the photographer is that I can never be found in pictures, but lately when I’m uploading the files to my computer, I am appearing in more of the images.  Even odder is that I’m usually crouched or crunched up.  I can assure you that I stand a ton and even … Continue reading


autumn’s here

This weekend felt like the summer we didn’t have.  The sun was out.  It was shorts weather.  We packed up some fruit and water and searched out a trail I had hiked over a year ago with my hiking club.   Now that I think about it, my little family trusts me implicitly to not get … Continue reading


sand + water

We made it to the beach, and we soaked up what is left of the summer.  The optimist in me thinks we should be able to squeeze at least one more visit if we try hard enough.  I remember a visit in October last year.   It’s not necessary that we be able to swim … Continue reading

mount nemo


(hiking on Mount Nemo) Right now I am . . . baking blueberry peach muffins seaming granny squares into blankets for the homeless reading teen fiction stolen off the girls’ bookshelves dreaming of one last trip to the beach before school starts remembering it’s been one year since my dad’s heart surgery celebrating the oldest’s … Continue reading


east coast

  With our week of vacation nearly a month behind us, we’ve been itching to get out of town again.  It’s lovely to be sleeping in our own beds and amongst our peeps, but I want to be exploring and taking in new sights, sitting on a beach/rock/bench, reading a map, wondering where to go … Continue reading


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