• sustain (səˈsteɪn)

    — vb 1. to hold up under; withstand: to sustain great provocation 2. to undergo (an injury, loss, etc); suffer: to sustain a broken arm 3. to maintain or prolong: to sustain a discussion 4. to support physically from below 5. to provide for or give support to, esp by supplying necessities: to sustain one's family ; to sustain a charity 6. to keep up the vitality or courage of 7. to uphold or affirm the justice or validity of: to sustain a decision 8. to establish the truth of; confirm

a craft before bed

  Sometimes it’s best to make a little something before your head hits the pillow.   I can’t be the only one with a drawer filled with sticks and stones from days long past spent on the beach.    Throw in some felt scraps, a glue gun and bakers’ twine and you have a mighty … Continue reading


weekend in

We had family over to celebrate El’s birthday yesterday.   Today we took it easy.  Stayed inside where it was warm and cozy.  Ate leftovers – quiche, salad, cupcakes and ice cream.  Knit.  Rested.  Watched the snow outside the windows.  Listened to some new tunes and some old tunes.   Laughed. We’re so fortunate.  I … Continue reading



Today you’re 18.  That’s crazy.  I knew exactly what I was going to write for your birthday post a couple of weeks ago.   I was driving you to work (THIS YEAR YOU GOT A JOB!!!!), and this song came on the radio . . . We laughed and laughed, and then laughed on top … Continue reading

may 9 mothers day 2010 147


The teen’s hard work and perseverance has paid off.   Today she was accepted into the Media, Information & Technoculture program at Western University.  I’m so proud of her that it’s ridiculous.   It’s insane to be this happy.  Like I dread every day from here on in, because it can’t be as awesome as … Continue reading

snow shoe 026


  Bought my first pair of snowshoes and went snow-shoeing for the first time.   THAT was awesome.   There was no one else in sight – just blue skies and sunshine and sparkle-y snow and fresh air and uncharted territory.  If I ran for political office, my campaign slogan would be, “Snowshoes for everyone.” … Continue reading


lemon bread

Once again, we’ve been hit with snow and wind and cold.   Outings and commitments were cancelled, and there were some rumblings from the teenage love corner.   However, none of these plans were life or death, and I do believe that this is nature’s way of telling us to slow down and be still. … Continue reading


simple giving + celebrating

I nearly forgot to share all the handmade goodness that we gave and received at Christmas. The Bee gave lots of art, and her shopping all took place at a little fundraising second-hand sale at school.  She couldn’t have spent more than $6. The teen made funny and heart-warming cards written with love for everyone. … Continue reading


tuesday snooze day

Life is being lived.  School + work + sleep + food + laughter + yoga + knitting this  - a cabled hat that fits perfectly and is just the right amount of hipster I’m going for.  Oh and muffins.  So many muffins.  I’ve baked 5 dozen muffins over the last week, and I have eaten … Continue reading

boxing day 081

boxing day bear

I forgot to share my picture of the ‘bear’ we saw on our walk in the woods behind my parents’ house on boxing day.  It’s totally a real bear.   Just forget the fact that he’s wearing boots.   It would have been hilarious if my dad had believed us.  I’d like to think my … Continue reading

warm vanilla

warm milk

  Today was a snow day.  There was lots of curling up under wool blankets and knitting and reading.   I washed the floors, coloured some posters the Bee was making, and cooked up a big pot of chili.  A quietly productive day with my girls.   I’m ending this cold snow-blowy day with a … Continue reading


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